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Catch Basins & Drainage Systems

Basin and Sewer Services: Drainage systems are used in a wide variety of parking lot applications. The goal of a well constructed drainage system (drainage basin / trench drain / french drain) is to collect and divert large amounts of runoff.

Types of Drainage Systems

Catch Basins Repair Albany, NY

Standard Catch Basins:

Catch basins are typically the first point in a parking lot to fail. In order to repair or replace a compromised drainage basin the steel lid & frame, concrete rings, and/or concrete cone may need to be replaced. Once the failed asphalt has been removed either new rings or a cone is installed and sealed with mastic and/or hydraulic cement. Mastic or hydraulic cement will eliminate any unwanted openings in the drainage basin. The area surrounding the basin is then backfilled with gravel and paved.

Concrete Encased Drainage Basins Repair Albany, NY

Concrete Encased Drainage Basins:

A concrete square can be poured around the drainage basin instead of installing asphalt. The installation of a concrete square around the catch basin provides a much more durable alternative when compared to asphalt. Trench Drainage Basins: Are shallow basin drainage systems which run over a long distance. Typical dimensions: 1′ to 1.5′ depth, 8″ to 16″ width, and 8′ to 50′ long. Trench drains are designed to collect and divert water at a low point such as dumpster areas, loading docks, or entrance/exit points of a parking lot.

French Drains Repair Albany, NY

French Drains:

Are required when moisture collects in the sub-base layer of the parking lot. When water collects in the sub base layer the structural integrity of the parking lot begins to fail and pot holes develop. The most effective way to collect and divert this moisture is by installing a french drain. A trench is dug between 24.00″ and 48.00″ deep. Washed stone is installed at the base of the trench. A 4.00″ to 6.00″ perforated pipe covered with sock material is placed on top the wash stone and tied into the nearest drainage basin. The trench is filled with washed stone and covered with CA-6 gravel. The area is repaved. The french drain system is an ideal way to collect sub base moisture and improve the stability of the parking lot.

Additional Catch Basins

Additional Catch Basins:

In many cases, parking lots are built with no drainage system or not enough drainage basins. We have the ability to install additional catch basins or an entire drainage system if one does not exist.